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Protime Clinic

Locations and Phone Numbers

Patients on anticoagulation (blood thinning) medications may be referred to one of SRC's Protime Clinics by their primary care provider or cardiologist. Our Protime Clinic nurses monitor patients for possible complications related to their anticoagulation medications (i.e. warfarin, Coumadin) through frequent visits to the Protime Clinic. Protime services are available to patients who are established with an SRC provider.

Our Services:

  • Fingerstick protime/INR (International Normalized Ratios) test with immediate results
  • Private consultation with a Registered Nurse at each visit who will adjust dosages, schedule and track INRs and monitor bleeding or clotting events
  • Our RNs are available to manage anticoagulation therapy prior to procedures
  • We provide ongoing communication with your healthcare provider
  • Education for the patient and family



Protime Clinic Locations:
  • Skagit Regional Clinics - Mount Vernon

    (click on location for a map, directions and more information)
    1400 East Kincaid Street
    Mount Vernon, WA 98274
    Phone: 360-848-4133
    Hours: Our office is located in the Family Medicine suite.