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Hip Replacement

When pain and immobility interrupt the movements that you enjoy, if you are worried that your leg could give way or if pain interrupts your sleep, it’s time to talk with your doctor about hip replacement surgery.

Skagit Regional Health offers comprehensive orthopedic care, including the latest approach in hip replacement surgery called anterior hip replacement. Anterior hip replacement offers several benefits:

  • Quick recovery time, so you can return to work and the activities you love
  • Low complication rate
  • Less time spent in the hospital after surgery
  • Less potential for limping long term after surgery

What is the Anterior Approach?
Using the anterior approach, your surgeon comes in from the front of the hip and avoids cutting major muscles, instead working between the muscles. This difference from the posterior and lateral methods, brings a faster recovery, reduces the hospital stay by one to two days post-surgery and allows a return to work in six weeks, rather than three months. In addition, the anterior approach dramatically reduces the possibility of hip dislocation after surgery and results in less limping. Long-term results of the anterior and posterior approach are very similar.
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